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INTERVIEW: Blogger ‘Not All About Boys’ By Annette Stevens

Yes, I know I have interviewed a Blogger before, however this one has expressed her wishes to become a journalist. Welcome to the world of Yolanda Shamash, creator of

Hi Yolanda. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. What was the intention in starting your blog?

I’ve always been very opinionated, and passionate about political and educational issues, so I started in order to get those views across. But my website also features more light-hearted, silly blogs on what it’s like to be a teenager, updates on my life, and musical productions I’m working on.

Is it easy to fit round other commitments?

It can be difficult because I’m also studying for my A Levels, so during exam season it can be hard to find the time for blogging – but I always make sure I post regularly and keep it fun! Running your own website is quite demanding, but it’s definitely worth it.

To, you’re basically the Editor in chief. What is your role, within the blog?

I run the whole site, which involves a variety of tasks – blogging regularly, promoting my blogs on Twitter (@NotAllAboutBoys), and thinking about which issues I think my readers would be interested in. I also write short stories sometimes for my website, just for fun.

As a contributor to the 99% blog, you’re considered a Journalist. Do you think your writing could ever change society?

I would like to think it could! I think young people are very under-represented in the media, and so it’s important for teenagers to have their opinions heard. If I feel very passionately about an issue – for example, the NHS – I will write about it, and then, at the very least, my opinion as a teenager can be voiced, and influence the views of others.


Would you ever work for a Newspaper/Magazine in the near future?

I would love to work in the media, and I think I’d be good at it too! You’d be surprised by the amount of people in journalism who don’t know how to use an apostrophe…

To you, is Twitter a useful tool?

Twitter is a great social networking tool, and I use it all the time – mostly to share blogs, vent about school, and discuss the news. My Twitter username is @NotAllAboutBoys if you feel like stalking me.

Have you ever has The Devil Wears Prada-esque experience?

If you mean being sassily ordered about by a silver-haired fashion icon, no. If you mean having bad bosses… also no! In all the jobs I’ve had (not many, as I’m only 17), my bosses have genuinely been lovely.

As a blogger, you purchased, to help out with your Journalism engagements. Do you think that this is a particularly helpful investment to any Journalist?

Well, even if you’re not planning on using the website, it would be silly not to at least own the domain name if you plan on having any job in the media! I bought the website just in case I’d ever need it, and I currently use it as a sort of a CV for anyone who wants to get in touch with me for work reasons.

You have been noted previously for singing. Would this ever be an alternative career?

I have performed professionally in the past – in particular in a German production of the Britten opera ‘The Turn of the Screw’, in which I played a young girl named Flora, as well as in local operatic and musical productions. I love performing – being under the stage lights, getting to wear the costumes, and just having an audience, so I’d definitely like to continue with that. As a career? Who knows! I’m 17, I have plenty of time to choose my career path.

Are you open to guest-posts at

Yes, I have had guest-bloggers on my website in the past and I’d definitely do so again. Mostly though, I keep my blog a space for my own writing.

If so, how would somebody go about getting the gig?

Email me if you’re interested in guest-blogging for my website! I’d love people to get in touch if they’ve got an opinion they’d like to share on my site. You could also tweet me @NotAllAboutBoys because I’m always on Twitter.

Is there anyone’s work in particular who you love?

Charlie Brooker, the Guardian columnist, is one of my favourite journalists, because his writing is hilariously cynical, and dark, which I love.

Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers/journalists?

If you’re looking to start a blog, find an interesting name for it – I chose Not All about Boys because it’s memorable and I didn’t want people to think that, as a teenage girl, the only thing I’d write about is boys. I’ve got opinions too!

Random Question: Do you prefer Rock Music or Pop?

I actually just got back from Reading Festival, and I loved seeing rock bands like System of a Down and Skindred, but I’ve definitely got a soft spot for lousy, cheesy pop songs – Taylor Swift’s ‘22’ is a personal favourite!

Thank you!


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