Inspiration and Editors

“I’m a Company; I’m a Company Girl – I hope” – By Annette Stevens

This post will be quite short, due to limited information that I could find about the Editor. In case you didn’t get the title of this post, I will be looking at Victoria White, current Editor of Company Magazine.

download (1) (1)

So little information is on the website, so I will have to fill in some gaps for you. Victoria became an Editor through the classical route of work experience/interning.  She landed the role of editing Company eight years ago, back in 2005. Since then, the magazine has gone through a major revamp – you just have to touch the paper to know it’s different to most monthly glossies. Inside is an amaze of cover lines: this magazine knows the average women.

So what has Victoria White bought to the role?

+ The columnist – Gem Royston- Claire (watch this space!)

+New look and feel covers.

+More realistic Cover lines/features

+New Style!


These are just some of the reasons why I love Company! Not forgetting that it fits in your handbag, tailors itself to real women and remains £2.50 monthly. What more could you want? (That question was more aimed at women than men…but I’m sure you know that).

So, what did I learn from researching this post?

  1. Keep hiring out new talent, to keep your Cover lines pulling in your audience. If you read Company, you will know how Gem Royston-Claire’s column keeps people entertained.
  1. Have a backbone in this profession: Company went under a major revamp, and now is a serious Women’s publication.
  1. Be stage Comfortable – Victoria is often a speaker at key promotional events. What a way to get more readers.
So there you have it my friends, the life and times of Victoria White. Please note, I will not just be profiling Editors, but screen Writers, Features writers etc. Below I have the dates and names of everyone I will be posting, so keep an eye out for my future posts!
26/09        Next week… you’ll have to find out (hint; “It seems today, that all you see, is….”)
03/10        Diana Veerland
10/10        Miranda Priestly
17/10        Louise Court
24/10        Question for you: who wrote The Bell Jar? All will be revealed….
31/10        Glamour-us Jo Elvin.

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