Inspiration and Editors

She thinks she’s made of candy: Lorraine Candy. By Annette Stevens

Yeah. No, Robbie Williams is not posting here.  He’s not really a Journalist, is he? The title is referring to the Editor of ELLE, Lorraine Candy (see what I did there).

ELLE is a legendary publication, with international editions all over the world. It’s a fast growing, monthly , glossy magazine. But what about the women at its helm? Is it an inhuman alien? A superior Mother of the interns? Well, this women is actually a human being, and (like some of you readers) has jumped from publication, to publication, to get where she is.
From an interview online, I learnt a lot about her. Guessing from the interview age, Lorraine Candy was born in 1969, on the 8th July (according to her Tweets).   As a young girl, she loved magazines. As she puts it herself in the interview;

“I used to buy Just 17 and all those mags, as well as Cosmopolitan.”


Is it not surprising that she edited Cosmopolitan, and now edits ELLE? She also has a rather impressive CV – let’s take a look now;

1985: She joint The Cornish Times, at the age of sixteen.

1987: Joined The Wimbledon Times.

1990: Daily Mirror Features.

1993: The Sun, Woman’s Editor.

1995; Assistant Editor at Marie Claire

1997: The Times’ Saturday magazine, Deputy editor

1998: Editor of B

1999; the Times Features ED

2000: Editor of Cosmo

2004; Editor of ELLE (To present).

As well as this, Lorraine has a column called “I don’t know how I do it”, written for The Daily Mail, has initiated the “Edited by the interns” contest, and hired ELLE’s notorious columnist Mademoiselle. Seems it’s all in a days work.

 The Edited by the interns program is something quite unique. Launching last year, it allows a group of a select few, to edit one edition of ELLE. It’s not just you by yourself-it’s a whole group of Journalists.  I would highly recommend The Edited by the Interns Blog– it’s a great read, the only thing is, it can make you very envious! If you keep up with it, there is pictures of everything , which goes on behind the scenes.

Hold on to your hats everyone, as next week I will be looking at Victoria White, from Company Magazine.


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