CONTRIBUTE: Wannabe Hacks

If you’re savvy on all things journalism-related then I have no doubt that you know what I’m talking about when I talk of Wannabe Hacks. If not – look it up. It’s a great online resource with features, audio clips, videos and comment pieces on all things journalism, with up-to-date news.

Wannabe Hacks is currently run by five or six aspiring journalists. Since starting over three years ago, the team has been replaced each year and those who used to run the site have gone onto really successful roles in journalism. This year, rather than replacing the old team, they’re looking to recruit new members to help them achieve a new potential for the site.

Want to know more?



Yes, this role would be voluntary but rather than just contributing an article every now and then to a website, you will have responsibilities to help run, manage and promote the brand through social media and their content.

This is their aim and what they are looking for:

“We want to bring you more varied and interesting content, showcasing video, audio and data journalism. We want to do more interviews, speaking to the people who can help young wannabes in achieving their goals. We want to bring back the themed weeks from our first year and maybe start a campaign or two.
Our Hacks meetups have always been popular and we’d like to meet with you lovely lot more often and not just in London. We’d love to host more meetups around the country.
As well as hosting more of these social events we want to hold some events which will be useful to you. Workshops, panel discussions and debates, held both in partnership with other organisations and eventually on our own.
We also want to improve our website to make it easier for our readers to access all our content and also contribute to the debates and advice articles on the site.”

To apply to join the Wannabe Hacks team send a CV and cover letter to Closing date for applications is midnight on Tuesday 17th September.


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