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The life of Anna Wintour… and her CV! By Annette Stevens.

In my last post, I said I would be looking at some amazing editors, and how they got started in Journalism. First, I had the obituary of Helen Gurley Brown. Today, I will be showing you the life and times of notoriously radical editor, Anna Wintour.

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Anna Wintour was born on November third, 1949, in Britain. Currently, at the age of 64, she holds the title of Vogue US Editor in chief. She commands an editorial team of eighty, as well as a six figure salary, and is a mother at the same time. But how on earth does she do it?

With her trademark glasses and signature bob, Anna is often seen at fashion shows, which showcase (a lot of) expensive clothing. There is a lot of knowledge about her online, so I have not included every little detail. She has more humble beginnings, which I would like to take you back to…

Her father, Charles Wintour, was the Editor of The Evening Standard, and would consult Anna on what made the paper better.  She was educated in North London Collegiate School, and was known as quite a rebellious student. She was known for turning up her skirt hemline.


I can’t put her career into words, as that would make this post to long, so I thought I would do a list:

Anna Wintour’s CV:

1970 Harpers and Queens Editorial Assistant

1975 Junior Fashion Editor Harpers Bazar, in New York City.

         Fashion Editor at Viva (after being fired)

1983 Worked at Us Vogue as Creative Director

1985 First Editorship: British Vogue

1987: Took over House and Garden in NYC.

           Ten months later she was announced as Vogue Editor in chief (1988)

2003; A former assistant writes a best-selling book, alleged to be based on her;

         The infamous “The Devil Wears Prada”

2006; the book is adapted to film. Anna shows up at the premiere in Prada.

2013; Artistic Director for Vogues publisher


You can “Have it all” as Helen Gurley Brown would say; Anna is a mother to two ‘grown up’ children, edits a magazine, has masses of designer clothes etc. Next week, I’m going to be writing about Lorraine Candy…



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