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A month of blogging: AUGUST.

Although I promised myself when I came back from travelling that I was going to keep up, at least twice a week, with my blog – I can safely admit that it hasn’t been the case for August.


When I came back from holiday I was doing temporary admin work in an insurance company to tie me over whilst I was looking for jobs. Because my day to day jobs were nothing to do with journalism, I felt that coming home and blogging or writing somehow made me feel like I had a productive day. I felt better and gave myself time to come home and spend time blogging because working in insurance somehow just didn’t give me a sense of fulfilment!


This month, I started my first full-time job as an editorial assistant/sub-editor for PTA+ Magazine and for the first time, I was spending my working day doing things that I have always had to do in my spare time! I was working on a magazine, liasing with PRs, doing a bit of writing, sub-editing, and I came home feeling like my days had been really productive because I was doing exactly what I wanted to do. So for the first 2 or 3 weeks, aside from being extremely busy, I was letting mself have the time I would usually spend in the evening writing, off! I think it was more getting into the routine of being in a job and settling in, although some may see that as an excuse!

Anyway… AUGUST on jumpforjournalism may have been quiet, but it hasn’t been dead!

Annette Stevens has done a series of posts:

Confessional journalism, Online resources for journalism, Inside the mind of a reporter PART TWO and delving in the life of an inspirational editor, Helen Gurley-Brown.


I also started the CONTRIBUTE posts – finding different online publications, magazines and websites who are looking or always looking for contributors and writers. These aren’t necessarily paid but are flexible, with the bonus of experience and additions to your portfolio.

1. Your Coffee Break    2.    3. Yahoo movies


Another thing I was wondering, was how to include my job into my blog posts without having a boring story of my day to day work. I decided to start the Lessons Learned posts and started this off with ‘Pick up the phone!’

Aside from a few others, that’s a month in blogging: August.

The final blog piece for the month was probably my favourite… because interviews always are! We had an interview with Janelle, a freelance journalist who worked at Reveal Magazine for four and a half years! Rising from editorial assistant, to junior writer and then multimedia journalist. Find out how she got her job, by reading it here.

What would you like to see on the blog in September? Tweet me @Jump4Journalism or email me



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