CONTRIBUTE: Yahoo Movies

When I started the ‘Contribute’ posts, my idea was to find new, innovative websites where aspiring journalists could explore and improve their talents… for free. Sadly to say, that was my aim. Writing for free isn’t such a bad thing, but it’s not music to your ears either.

However, my previous post on offered pay for articles that were ‘good enough’ – who knows what that means? And when searching for my next ‘Contribute’ post, I found another PAID contribution site as well… yay! This one is for you film fanatics, movie fans, couch potatoes out there who love a good film!


Yahoo! Movies is looking for writers who are passionate about movies to write for them with up-to-date knowledge about the latest films and opinions about what they were like. Millions of people log on and use Yahoo! every day so you work won’t go unnoticed. Yahoo! Movies is part of the Yahoo! family and this contributor network allows non-professional writers the chance to share everything they know…

Interested? Click here to sign up and or click here to read other stories by contributors on the Yahoo! movie site.

If you sign up and get an article published – let us know! We’d love to see.




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