Billion-dollar advice?

Flicking through my free copy of Stylist that used to get shoved into my hands on the way to my work, I found something that was certainly worth reading. Stylist always seem to have sections on career-related issues which I always enjoy reading aside from the beauty and fashion articles.

When I finally got to work and grabbed the 5 minutes spare I had until 9am, I managed to sit down and enjoy the magazine for a bit. One of the first articles was “Billion-dollar advice from Arianna Huffington.”


I knew full well who she was, because I follow her on Twitter, but also because I have contributed to the Huffington Post blog a few times when I was in college studying towards my NCTJ. Arianna Huffington is the face of, and the woman behind the news and blogging site Huffington Post, so she really knows what she is talking about. The site apparently sees four million people logging on every month… in the UK alone! She is ranked 56th most powerful woman by Forbes after selling The Huffington Post to AOL in 2011.

Want to know her billion-dollar advice? It’s not the usual-what-you-expect. Thought so.

Don’t have ‘thick skin’

She suggests career-minded people to have a ‘permeable’ skin so you can get hurt, but like a child, it’s soon over and you move on with a smile to appreicate the good. Don’t have regrets.

Invest in an alarm clock

Seven hours sleep is a priority! ‘I have a device-free bedroom’ she siad, so when she wakes up she isn’t tempted to check her phone. You don’t need phones for alarms… buy one!

Listen to Mum

‘Angels fly because they take themselves lightly’ is a quote that inspired Arianna from her mum. Her mum also told her ‘failure is a stepping stone to success’ which she proved after finding fortune even after being rejected by 36 publishers for her second book.

Be Mindful

‘Live in the moment and never ignore things like the beautiful flowers on the way to work.’


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