Journalism skills

Inside The Mind of a Reporter: Part Two. By Annette Stevens

I’m back! Yippee. Not the best way to start a post, I know, however it’s been a little while since I last wrote here. Anyway, before anything else, let’s recap:

Event: H. Bibring (Holocaust Survivor) came to town.

My Job: Cover the event

In My bag: Moleskin Notebook, Dictaphone, pencil, camera and random bits of paper.

 all 1
That’s all my stuff, in all its glory.

Anyway, it was going all well.  I have some tips, as I learnt some useful lessons that day:

  1. The Day before, always do your research.

I have read for years about World War Two, so for this event, my attitude had to be really sensitive. This man had seen some of the most horrific things ever. It didn’t help that I was nervous, and there was a question session at the end. I had some questions pre prepared, so I got what I needed.

  1. Don’t try and transcribe everything. It will lead to sore fingers.
 Naively, I tried to write everything down. And I mean, every single little bit of information. This ran to thirteen pages of my notebook. And it gave way to a sore index finger. And , I was writing so fast, I can’t read my notes now. Better luck next time.

  1. Check peoples photo policies.
 If you’re in a public place, by law you cannot take pictures of under eighteens without parental consent. So, I was told to bring my camera, however on the day I found out I couldn’t take any pictures! Disaster was averted though, as there was an “on set” photographer. My little Kodak wasn’t just up to the job. I later found these pictures in a “resource” area, and was given them for free. JOB DONE!

  1. Don’t waste time.

Within a day, I sent the story to an Editor. They liked it, however just needed some extra information. I got that, and, as they say, the rest is history.

  1. Know your facts (names, dates etc.).

The Editor asked me for the first names of some of the organisers. I had just put Mrs Smith. It sounds a lot more professional if you put in the persons first name.

So that concludes the series of “Inside A Reporters Mind”.  I hope you learnt a lot, as I did. Until we write again next week…




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