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Resources: Writing, Reading, Revision. By Annette Stevens.

Jump4Journalism is a journalist’s dream; the amount of resources and knowledge within its pages is really helpful. Here, we all live by the motto “Practice makes perfect”. And it’s time for you to take up this philosophy. Here, we are giving you the best resources whilst you journey as a journalist-happy reading!



This website is an ode to Journalism. All its content is about Journalism, and what is happening in the world around it. There are sections about advice, industries, videos, and debate. It is defiantly worthwhile signing up to their newsletter.

Content heavy website run by aspiring journalists. All work is freelance and unpaid, however is open to a wide community. There are also some journalism based articles. It is worth logging on every day.

Bit of an obvious one, this one! Would you be here otherwise?? Err, no! Follow this blog, so you don’t miss any helpful posts.

Daily Reading:

The Newspaper (Of Your Choice)

This is essential to expand your vocabulary, and can be used to develop a sophisticated style of writing.


Have you got any websites you read on journalism? Please feel free to share them with us!


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