CONTRIBUTE: for the smart, witty and funny.


When looking for places journalists could utilise their skills by contributing to websites, I stumbled across And the reaosn it stood out from all the others, it that it mentions PAY. Yes, PAY for your articles you write online. From what they say, I’m not sure if all articles are paid, or if there is just the chance of getting paid. But something is better than nothing! They have their own ‘write for us’ section here:

Want to know a bit more?

“ is one of the most popular comedy sites on planet Earth. If we  feature your content, it will be seen by A LOT of people. We are very, very  picky about what goes on the front page, but we’ll give anybody a chance. If  you’re good, we’ll pay you. We strive to publish every single great piece of  content we get in. If you’re a creative person and you can make stuff other  people will like to read or watch, Cracked is an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.”


Read more:

They’re not looking for bags of experience, but people who can write smart, witty content for online. ‘We’ll pay you if it’s good’ is what they say on the website. To start – you must register on their site, free of charge, to sign up to their writer’s forum. There’s a variety of things you can write about from movies, to sport, videogames, science, tech, celebrities and the weird and wonderful!




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