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CONTRIBUTE: Your Coffee Break

This is one for the ladies, Your Coffee Break is an online magazine aimed at career-driven women to give them something to read on their own coffee break, whether it be at work, at home or on a lazy sunday. Unlike a lot of other female-based online publications, it doesn’t just cover beauty and fashion – but everything from career management, to lifestyle and travel.


They are based in Covent Garden, London, with representatives and writers from New York, LA and Paris. Their content is found to be inspirational to women for a quick, coffee break read. Their aim is to ‘motivate women across the globe’ and provide interesting and relative content.

YCB has a range of contributors, from fashion assistants, to career features, fashion features, features assistants and travel features. They also have just ‘contributors’ who have written a couple of articles for them in the past. Check out the ‘coffee addicts’ as they call them, here.

I contributed to YCB when I was studying for my NCTJ. I am a very career-driven person and felt that there weren’t many publications that offered large sections of career-related content. Although I haven’t kept up my posts since I came back from travelling, it is a publication I hope to carry on contributing to in the near future. My posts were here:

The benefits of having a mentor

Would you work for free, to get where you are now?

The editor of Your Coffee Break is Charlotte Giver, and she is the best person to contact if you would like to get involved and contribute to her publication. Her Twitter is: @CharlotteGiver but it is probably better to email her on or through their careers and internships contact


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