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A new ‘theme’ of posts I have decided to do on the blog are ‘CONTRIBUTE: __’ posts. That is, ideas of different online publications, magazines, websites or blogs that aspiring journalists might like to contribute to, to expland their online portfolio.


We are really lucky to have the internet as such a huge phenonmenon and, as journalists, it is hugely beneficial for getting your work out there, noticed, and most of all, published. In a lot of job applications, especially if you are applying for jobs through Gorkana, they ask you to attach your portfolio. I made an ‘online portfolio’ document in word and listed the 10 pieces I have written for online that I was most proud of, by giving the URL and a little bit about the post. In a lot, if not most, journalism applications, you will be asked to submit pieces of your published work. Obviously it is great if you have printed publish work that you can show, but if you are looking for more variety in the writing you are doing or a wider range of publications to write for, then you can write for many online publications to help you.

One of the great things about contributing for online magazines or websites is that you can usually decide what you would like to write yourself, sometimes set your own deadlines, and you don’t have to commit hugely to writing weekly posts. If life gets in the way, it doesn’t matter, but if it doesn’t you have the option to produce more writing for your portfolio. Writing regular and up to date posts is always going to be valued highly, but if you’re looking for somewhere simply to be a platform to help your writing reach a wider audience, then it’s a great idea.

Keep a look out for the first ‘CONTRIBUTE:’ post coming soon.


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