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Confessional Journalism: Is It Worth It? By Annette Stevens

Over Fifty years ago, an art was formed, starting with American poet Sylvia Plath. After her death, she became known as the confessional poet. Fast forward to the 00’s, and confessional journalism was born. Writing in The Daily Mail, many women have chronicled their life for large amounts of money. But is it all worth it? Here, I will be looking and reviewing the female columnists:

Liz Jones:

Writing extensively for The Daily Mail, Jones takes confessional journalism to extreme levels. Her articles invite heavy abuse, and have in the past sparked feuds with celebrities. In an interview with stylist magazine, Jones admitted to having no life, family or friends. She was offered a salary of £700,000 to join the express, but apparently is faithful to The Daily Mail. Whether this is true, we will never know, but she remains famous for the words she writes…

 Samantha Brick:

What really can I say? Brick became a worldwide sensation last year for publishing the article “Women hate me because I’m beautiful”. There’s not much else to her. Apart from that there has been a rise in the same opinion, and that she (as well as Candy and Jones), gets torrents of abuse. However she has been commissioned to write a book. No one knows how much the revenue was from it though. Her controversial article on her beauty has increased the familiarity people have with her, and she has written similarly controversial posts since.

 Samantha Brick

Janet Street Porter:

Being the oldest of all these women, Porter’s opinions are targeted to the older generation. However, some of her columns are funny, such as saying all oldies need to ‘band together’, so they are not forgotten by the NHS. She might not be as shocking as the other writer’s spoken about in this post, but definitely worth a mention.

 Janet street Porter

Lorraine Candy:

As Editor of ELLE, Lorraine charters her life and work juggling act. Writing from 2009, Candy has had to defend her “unorthodox” parenting from angry mums. For example, she uses a nanny, and is critized for leaving her children alone with her during the day.  Many of her columns are often so captivating, taking you to an essence of childhood. See why Lorraine is sometimes a kid at heart by clicking here

Lorraine Candy

These are just some of the people who sell their souls for large amounts of money. My view is that it is not worth it, as many of these women have lost there life too money. What’s your view?


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