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A month of blogging: JULY.

July has been a good month on the blog, well, for me as well. At the beginning of the month, I posted this on my Twitter page:


And to my surprise… it did. I got my first step on the ladder to begin a career in magazine journalism, as an editorial assistant/sub-editor on PTA+ Magazine! I start in August and I’m really excited to leave the exciting world of being an admin assistant behind to begin my new job!

As well as this, I have picked up a trial of being the community features writer for a local magazine on a freelance basis. That is, writing all the features for the magazine associated with the community and the local surrounding towns. So far I am realising that sending out emails definitely isn’t the best way to get in contact with people – why do so many people ignore emails? I need to pick up the phone more often…

On the blog, we have had several new posts from Annette Stevens on the practical side of reporting and journalism:

Inside the mind of a reporter, Journalism life lessons and getting a reporter’s bag!

The latest interview this month was with La Carmina, a popular author, blogger and journalist who gave advice on maximising your exposure online and gaining more experience.


I also wrote a couple of posts about UNPAID INTERNSHIPS… the dreaded but inevitable aspect of gaining experience in journalism. Well, I say dreaded because of the amount of work you put in for no money at all. But I discussed both the positives and negatives on these two posts.

And finally… how can you make sure your blog is up to scratch? My advice on not neglecting your blog here


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