Journalism skills

Inside the mind of a reporter: Part one. By Annette Stevens.

Whilst having a brain storm for future posts, the idea of this post came to me. If you want to be a journalist, surely you need to see someone in action?? I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, as you will be looking at my work. Being practical, learning on the go, learning about the job and what it means to be a journalist will always help. Once, long ago, a Holocaust survivor came to my town. This had to go in a paper somewhere, it was a great event and one that everyone would have liked to read about.

So, the day before, I packed, with all the essentials to go and be a reporter for the day…

all 1

That’s right: a Dictaphone, Notebook, Camera, and a Pen.

It was also a day for learning lessons; in terms of the Holocaust, as well as a journalist. I learned the hard way. This shows that being a journalist isn’t always about writing… a lot of it is about research too. If you are going to interview someone and you don’t know their ins and outs, or any background information I can assure you it won’t be a success.

However, a definite tip , always be prepared.

That includes having spare pens...!

That includes having spare pens…!

As we listened to the Holocaust survivor for two hours, I recorded Mr Bibring on my dictaphone, as well as transcribing everything he said. What if my dictaphone stopped recording and I had lost everything he said? It’s always good to have a back-up, which is why I began writing it down too. And I mean EVERYTHING. I had 13 pages of notes, which gave my index finger a lump, meaning I could not write for two days after! Also, before doing anything, always check grounds for photos. It saves stressing and worrying.

That will get you front page news!

That will get you front page news!

To conclude part one, so far…

One Survivor, H.Bibring

Three Pictures

Two hours

Thirteen Pages


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