Make the Most of Yourself as a Journalist. By Annette Stevens

Every year, more and more journalism websites upload their version of: ‘How to make a good impression at a job interview’; ‘What not to wear to work’ etc., etc. Having seen these, I think it’s time to have ones that are a little less high maintenance or and more suitable for younger, aspiring journalists.


Your Bag:

Whether you carry a satchel or a giant backpack, your bag will always be important. If you saw my last post, try and get a reporter’s bag, however you could also carry some little tools to make yourself more polished. Nothing high maintenance, something like a Lip Salve, Hair Brush and a watch. If you’re late to an interview, quickly make yourself more presentable. Gentlemen, please use alternatives!


Carry A Magazine:

When applying for a job at a publication, carry the latest copy of the editorial effort. This will make you seem like a bright spark; it could also determine whether you stay there or not.

Walk Tall:

Have confidence in your writing; if the shoe fits, wear it (if that’s even the phrase). People don’t want to listen to a silent or miserable journalist. They all want bright eyes and bushy tails (oh, the irony).

 Read The Newspaper:


Some papers have good journalism:  that’s how The Daily Mail got its nickname, The Daily Fail. Debate it: is it editorially correct? Does it use the five W’S?? – There will be more on that later.

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Annette x


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