Journalism skills

Get a Reporter’s Bag! By Annette Stevens

Google can be a very useful tool- with it, we can keep up with the news, world events and more. All within minutes. Being a Journalist, Google will probably be your best friend. After wasting my lunch break googling I came up with a very useful article. It basically said about how to make a reporter’s bag, which I think would come in very useful! Here are my edits of how to get one:

You Will Need…

  • a reasonable sized bag (not a little purse ladies, or a huge backpack men).


From around the house, you will need some items. The originals were sometimes expensive, so I have come up with alternatives:

  • Dictaphone. Alternative: Smartphone.
  • Notebook. Pens.
  • Camera; digital or disposable.
  • Water bottle.
  • Keys.

These all have specific purposes. They are all designed to help the life of a reporter/journalist. Why? Here’s why…


This can be used to record in life interviews. It also means that you don’t always have to use shorthand. If you use your mobile however, some stop every five minutes. If you’re thinking about it, a Dictaphone is defiantly a worthwhile investment.


Notebook and Pens:

These can be used to write down your impressions on a life event.  The five senses are a must, as well as the five w’s of journalism: Who, What, Where, When and Why.



These can be used to snap anything that catches your inspiration. Just make sure that the photo is clear, as no one wants front page news with a blurry picture. (Hint: hold the camera still).

Water Bottle:

Keeping you hydrated at all times!


If you’re on location, you will need keys to get there. Like if you are in an abandoned warehouse. Just make sure they always get back to who they belong too.

And the best bit? You can grab it and go!




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