Journalistic Resources. By Annette Stevens.

With the rise of technology, and with more people using tablets and Kindles, Books are gradually becoming forgotten. Here, I look at the best books you should be reading, as a journalist:

Stories and Biography’s:

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath:
This is the fictional biography of Plath, who was a guest editor at Mademoiselle magazine. The novel charters her descent into madness, when society expected so much of women. Yet she lost her battle to suicide. A heavy read, but gives valuable advice for wannabe hacks.
Brain on fire: My month of madness. By Susannah Cullen:
Again, this book charters a descent into madness, but this is from a disease of the brain. Reporter Cullen finds herself  in a darker plight than anyone could imagine. This teaches us to make use of everything given to us, and to live everyday as if its your last.


 The Writers And Artists Yearbook:
 Every year a new edition of this is published,and is a wide resource. It has Writers advice, Comission information, competitions, and magazine addresses. For only a few pounds every year, you will have access to so much Journalism knowledge.

Film Adaptations:

The Devil wears Prada:
 Is a film looking into the life of the assistant to the Editor ( but is largely inaccurate). For lots of laughs watch the film…!
Annette x

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