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The Job Hunt.

… and so it begins.

Since I realised when I was 15 that I wanted to do journalism after completing a work experience placement, ‘The Job Hunt’ has always seemed so far away. I always knew it would be a while before I was in the position where I had enough experience and the right qualifications under my belt to actually be able to apply.

I knew it was going to be competitive and that there weren’t a lot of entry level positions around, but I was never really that daunted by it because I wasn’t at that stage. I was at the stage where I was doing everything I could to make The Hunt easier. Internships, work experience, journalism training and my degree. I was freelancing to build up my portfolio because I knew, when the time came, I needed to stand out.

Everyone told me how competitive it would be, ‘You need to work for free’ and ‘You need as much experience as possible’ or ‘You need to make yourself stand out’ and I took it with a pinch of salt. It was drummed into me so many times that the career I had chosen for myself was ridiculously competitive that it went over my head every time people would say it to me. I know it’s competitive, but that doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to want to go into something easier. In fact, it probably made me try that little bit harder.

So here I am, beginning The Job Hunt. I’ve graduated, got my NCTJ and scooted around the world for four months and now I am sat at my laptop, trying hard to face facts: reality is here and I need a job. I am unemployed. Hire me? It’s all good and well saying that I will apply for every job I see straight away, but having only completed one and a half applications over two days, it’s really not that easy. You have to make every cover letter suitable to that job, position and publication. You have to spend time on it, sell yourself, show that you have got what they are asking for! It’s no good repeating all the experience you’ve got on your CV. Why should you work for them? Why should they pay you to write for them? It’s pretty draining, having to constantly be writing how GREAT you are and that you would just be PERFECT for that position!

So while I’m applying for some jobs and still looking for others, here are my daily sites that are helping me find them:

1. Gorkana

Either or follow @GJournoJobs on Twitter, which I find much easier to use. I also subscribe to daily job alerts (which email me around 5.30am every morning, lovely) and you can refine down what jobs you would like to be notified about.


2. Media Muppet

One of my favourites! I follow the twitter account @mediamuppet but the website is also useful with articles and advice at The best thing about this is that, although they aren’t all solely journalism, everything put up is PAID jobs, not unpaid internships.


3. Other Twitter accounts

There are quite a few journalism job accounts that I follow on Twitter, but I have grouped them together as some of them don’t tweet that often, but still worth a follow:

@ipcmediajobs, @BauerMediaJobs, @journalistsJobs, @journalism_jobs, @mediaukjobs, @Journojobs, @publishingjobs, @MediaCityUkJobs, @gjobsmedia, @jobs_in_media, @CondeNastJobsUK


4. Indeed

A recent app I have downloaded on my phone, although they also have a website at This is just a simple job website, not specifically for journalism but when I typed in editorial and internship and journalism into the search bar, it came up with a lot of jobs that I hadn’t even seen on the journalism websites. It takes jobs from all over to put them in one place. On the app, it also notifies you when your relevant searches have new jobs being put up, pretty handy!


5. Gumtree

Again, not the most obvious choice but when I was searching last night, I also found an internship for a local magazine that had been put up, and seen it advertised no where else. The best bet is to search jobs through the media subject field here: It gives you the option to put in some keywords, so I typed in ‘editorial’ and then the internships came up!



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