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Welcome Back Jump4Journalism…

The last post I wrote, I was sat here in exactly the same position – at my desk, with my laptop on the left hand side and my diary to the right of me. Slight difference is that it wasn’t 5am and I wasn’t the least bit jet lagged. I was, instead, about to embark on the most amazing four months around the world! I had just finished my NCTJ and was awaiting results, and I was far from thinking about the dreaded journalism job search. Now, four months later I am back (unemployed but NCTJ qualified) and very happy to log back into Jump4Journalism to begin blogging again!

I didn’t like not being able to blog while I was away, which is why I wrote my last post saying bye for four months. But there were a lot of reasons, that I will soon write a post about, on why it wasn’t practical for me to do it! I was happy though, that our contributor Natasha Slee carried on updating about her final year project at university with her final two posts (here and here).

SO, this is ultimately a blog about journalism but I can’t resist including some of my travelling adventures and the places I went in my first post back. Here is what I looked like for the past four months, withthe mammoth backpack, including an assortment of other bags I frequently ended up carrying…


9th Feb – 24th March: SOUTH EAST ASIA





25th March – 20th April: AUSTRALIA




21st April – 1st May – FIJI



1st May – 4th June – NEW ZEALAND




5th June – 8th June – DUBAI

(photos yet to be uploaded onto my laptop!)

Of course, without the blogging, I still had plenty of time to write while I was away. Not in the digital form but in the old fashioned, pen and paper, journal form! I wrote every single day for the whole 120 days I was away. Everything I did, saw, felt, experienced, laughed about, didn’t like and loved. That’s what a journalist does in some ways, they write about experiences for other people! I made a story out of every day…

image (2)

image (1)


I’m glad to be back blogging again and now that I am OFFICIALLY on the job hunt, I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about trying to get my first step on the ladder!



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