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The dreaded exam week.

So this is my final weekend where I will be practically glued to my chair at my desk reading over countless times my media law and public affairs revision notes. The dreaded exam week starts Monday, and by ‘dreaded’ I mean we have seven exams in one week, and one exam the week after.

These whole three months have gone so quickly, it’s been a whirlwind of knowledge and it all comes down, mostly, to next week. The one thing that is awkwardly getting in the way is, snow. Yes, we have snow and apparently in England when it snows, the whole world has to stop. We dramatically got an email from the headteacher whilst we were n a shorthand lesson on Friday to say the college was closing and we had to go, when it was barely even settling! The reason why it is so annoying, is that if the exams don’t run next week because I’d the bad snow conditions, then we have to sit our exams either in the resits or the next national exam dates. Of course for me, that’s not an option as one week after we finish, I will be on a plane to Bangkok. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted the snow to stop so much, and I also don’t think I’ve ever wanted to do a reporting exam so much!

My lovely decorated wall right now, it has been added to this evening…


Reporting is our first exam in Monday. I really wish I could do more to revise for this. The past two mocks I have managed to pass, but not comfortably and I have still made stuuuupid mistakes which could cost me a fail when it comes to the real thing. I also looked at a mock this evening, and then looked at a sample B grade answer to it, realising that I got the complete wrong angle! It is such a formulaic exam… ‘State the platform’ that I’m hoping if I abide by this as much as possible and do well on the social media questions, then I will be ale to scrape a pass.

I have finally finished my DPS and I’m quite proud of the result 🙂


Tuesday is the dreaded day with two law exams in one day, both essential law and court reporting. The thing with the exams is, that they make the questions so wordy and before you can even begin to answer the question you need to know what area of law they are asking about, what the law is, how it applies, and what defences a journalist may have. As well as causing the appropriate wording and bonus mark detail. It’s not enough to just know what the law states, but it’s being able to apply it too.

I’m worried about public affairs because we saw a past exam paper, the most recent one, and the questions weren’t as clear cut as they had been before. What I have realised, is that I have learnt so much about current affairs and what is going on in the world from these lessons, that I never knew before. I can pick up a paper and know what they are talking about, when before I would have had no idea. What I learnt is directly applicable to the ‘real world’, something that has never really happened in my education! I had an amazing time at Brussels for my PA trip and although it can be dull at times, I think it’s been a really worthwhile subject. Not that I’m looking forward to this exam…

Oh and back to the tiresome shorthand… I really want my 100wpm! We have 80 next week and the 100 the week after. I am determined to keep practicing, although is hard to fit its with all the revision sometimes, but im still plodding a long with my daily recordings…


My next post is likely to be when this dreaded week is over, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. It’s quite sad that all our lessons, apart from shorthand, are over now!


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