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I googled my blog.

Yes, I googled myself. Well, not myself really, but my blog. I did it, because when I first started my blog, I wanted to know how people would find it. I wasn’t really using Twitter, but my Facebook friends were following it. Aside from putting tags in my posts, I wanted to know how easily people could get directed to it.

I should’ve taken a screen grab of it then, but I didn’t. It was about third down the list, and just had a simple link to my homepage. Today I googled it again and I got this:

jfj google

I know that’s pretty small to see. But my blog is first on the list, and it also is separated out with six separate headings, I’m guessing these are the most popular ones people click on. I thought you had to pay for these types of SEO packages, but it made my blog feel a bit more important!

Underneath that, is my blog featured on the Youth Media Agency website.

And underneath THAT, is my Twitter account for the blog.

I love blogging, and I wish I could do it more but I just don’t have the time. When I come back from travelling I want to put a lot more effort into it, keeping up with interviews and topical posts. I love going on the statistics to see how many people are reading it, and what search terms they are using to get directed to it, but it’s not the best feeling when I know I have barely been on it all week! It’s being going since May this year, and I hope it will keep going until I get (finally, hopefully) a journalism job… and beyond.


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