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What 2013 will bring…

Recently due to my busy schedule with the NCTJ and my course, I haven’t really managed to blog about anything else apart from my weekly updates on the NCTJ. So far today, I have been revising central government and children’s anonymity in youth court, and to have ‘a break’ or so they call it, I decided I would blog.

I don’t think I’ve written about it on here, but probably over Twitter, that I’m travelling the world after I have finished my NCTJ. My exams finish on the 1st February, I am visiting my friends at university on the 2nd-4th Feb and I fly away on the 9th. It’s going to be a very busy time, and I already know that I’ve got so much to plan and organise which I keep putting back.

But because the new year brings new choices and changes and resolutions, I keep thinking what I will be doing when I get back from travelling. Everyone on the course at the moment is looking for jobs now that it is nearing the end, or internships, or work experience. Sometimes they ask me about my job search and remember that there is no such thing when I remind them I’m taking a little trip round the world before the reality of that begins! I feel a bit guilty that since my first work experience when I was 15, I have been building up to finally applying for a journalism job. I have got a degree, done countless work experience placements, done as much writing and freelancing as I could, and enrolled on the NCTJ course. All that work and commitment is meant to finally pay off after the NCTJ when I start applying for jobs, but I am leaving all that behind and jetting off around the world.

I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, because come the 1st February that will be the FIRST time since I was 4 years old that I will no longer be in education, or about to be in education. I will officially be an adult, in the real world. But I have always wanted to go travelling, ever since my sisters and friends did it before university. I keep telling myself I deserve a break, and when I come back I can buckle down and hopefully find an internship or a starter-level job in some sort of media organisation.

So, come June 8th, when I have travelled to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Dubai, I will be home, in England, waiting to start my career but until then, that seems to be put on hold.

I keep thinking to myself, what do I want to be doing by next Christmas? I don’t really want to still be living at home at 23, I would like to have a job, maybe in London, in a company that has some relevance to journalism or media, and I would like to be able to finally treat myself and go shopping without feeling guilty because I’m ‘saving every penny I can for travelling’.

Hopefully by next December, I will still be blogging and I will be able to see if any of those things are true.


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