It’s CHRISTMAS and I need to revise…

I didn’t write my last post on here for the week before Christmas. So I thought I’d sum it up in 5 points:

  1. In Public affairs we all played a lovely christmas quiz with jumpers on
  2. We had shorthand pictionary, where you had to describe the word in shorthand (we won)
  3. We had final tutorials about our progress this term
  4. We had a subbing exam and got our marks back, not as bad as I thought
  5. On the thursday, we had a reporting session which looked at past exam answers and why they got the dreaded D

To be honest, I was too excited to finish college that we didn’t do many productive things that week, but in reporting we went over some tips that the examiner, and man who writes the exam, had written down from past year’s mistakes. It was helpful, but there is so much to remember and yet I still can’t seem to do well! It’s strange because I don’t find the exam hard, but I know how hard it is to pass so it just makes me panic. I googled the reporting exam to see if there were any other journalists blogging about it, and I found a couple of useful links I thought I’d share:

I also had a bit of a panic about my portfolio last week, I got some marks back that weren’t great but did a lot of redrafting and rewriting and hopefully my tutor will have had time to look at them over xmas and get them back to me before we have to upload them!

But MORE IMPORTANTLY IT’S CHRISTMAS. Well, actually it’s boxing day:

photo (49)

I haven’t done any work over the past couple of days, due to work, Christmas and mostly that I really don’t want to… I had a great day yesterday and I’m currently getting ready for Christmas round two, with A LOT OF food…

photo (50)

But, on the plus side I have made a revision timetable (which I have 53% stuck to…)

photo (51)

AAANNNDDD all my books/notes/revision are all neatly placed on the floor waiting to be read as soon as possible…

photo (52)

Now enough of using pictures to basically say I haven’t done enough work this christmas yet… but I have only been off since Friday, that’s not even a week! I know I’ve got a lot of work to do buttt I’m trying to enjoy the holiday until everyone goes back to work! But I do need to…

  • Finish my DPS
  • Go over the reporting tips and TATTOO THEM ON MY BRAIN
  • Revise absolutely everything in PA and Law (bane of my life)
  • Remember that just because I’ve done ONE shorthand exam, doesn’t mean I’ve finished shorthand… woops.
  • Upload everything to my portfolio…

So that’s quite a lot, but right now I’m going to eat and drink and play christmas games….



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