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Week 13 – 1 exam down!

YAY. One exam down, (and a hell of a lot more to go).
photo (48)

Yesterday, I had my first shorthand exam at 70wpm. The above picture was me on the train on the way to college, practicing teeline to the songs on my iPod, which proved easy for slow ballads from Beyonce but harder when it came to the fast music…

It was nerve racking going into the exam, even though we have done so many transcripts before. Our passage was on something about a new dentist school being set up in the village, and after having a bit of a stress trying to read back one of the sentences, it didn’t go too bad. We don’t find our results out until the 3rd January which is a bit annoying, but I feel like I can relax on my shorthand overload at the moment. My next exam will be 80wpm on the 25th January and then 100wpm on the 1st February when I will FINISH THIS COURSE!

Reporting is the exam I’m most worried about after getting a bad grade back this week – I don’t understand why the NCTJ make it so hard to pass reporting! There are so many newspaper articles that I read that ‘don’t conform to the NCTJ’ standard of how it should be written, and I can imagine they’d get a big fat on their exam paper, but it still reads right, and it sounds fine, and it could easily be published! Question 1a and 1d are the hardest, and I’m doing an extra practice one this weekend to try and get my head around it!

I really haven’t done enough PA and Law work this week, and subbing isn’t going down well. We’ve only got a half week next week and I feel like its Christmas already, I’m already on wind down and want this term to be over already!

We have a mock Production exam on Monday… hoping my inDesign skills will be able to get me through.

But the main purpose of this post is to say ONE EXAM DOWN.

And now, time for work!


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