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Week 12. The light at the end of the tunnel.

We are doing mocks, counting the weeks down, finishing up modules, coming to the end of the syllabus and thinking of applying to jobs (not me – yet!). This week I have realised that it won’t be long until I have finished the course – and yet I feel like it wasn’t long ago I started writing these weekly posts. I say that, but there is still a lot to do:

  1. Finish portfolio
  2. get my speed up in shorthand
  4. Finish my DPS
  5. Get my head around this subbing exam…

But still, we have had those phrases this week, e.g. in Law: “and that’s basically the end of the syllabus.” and in P.A: “and there’s not much to learn on Local Government after this…” which has made me 1) a bit panicky and 2) a bit excited.

I’ve just come back from my shorthand lesson, the last ‘friday transcription’ passage we will do before the exam NEXT WEEK! It went quite well, and I’m just nervous that nerves will get the better of me next week. Further news with shorthand is that I’m on my third notepad:

photo (45)


I went and bought a nice new shorthand notepad today, ready for the exam, hoping the third notepad will be a lucky one.

Another break through I’ve had this week is in my portfolio. I handed three pieces in this week, and got some marks back that I was pleased with. One of my pieces for Huffington Post that I finished this week will be going in there:,b=facebook

But mostly, because I have started uploading the pieces I think I am going to put in, on the e-portfolio on the NCTJ website. You have to write a short description of your piece so I have started doing this too.

photo (47)


There’s a picture of my screen, with the green bar at the top showing me how much progress I have made on it. I still haven’t uploaded my copy yet but putting it all on there has started to make me organise what’s going in and what isn’t.

I’m finding the last few topics we are covering in Law – which are copyright, confidentiality and privacy harder. There doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer which I think is easier, and I didn’t do the best on the last piece of work we had to hand in. I’m hoping that when I start revising and going through the book, it won’t seem as hard. I’m also realising there is so much we need to remember for this exam! Argh!  Here are my lovely law notes sprawled out on my floor….

photo (46)



I also need to get the hang out of cutting out words of the passages we are given in the exam for subbing. It’s not as easy as it seems!

A short post today, but I’m hungry. And I need to do some work!


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