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Introducing myself… By Bianca Chadda

After much deliberating as to my choice of degree at university, the choice between Geography and English was made. I took the geographical route, despite being an aspiring writer. Both subjects were, according to my Dad, ‘proper’ subjects, that stood me in good stead for the future.

So, two and a half years later, things have slightly changed. I’m still doing Human Geography, which involved society, cultures, community and all things people-related. But I am having a love affair with writing. Keeping a blog was one thing, but I thought I needed more experience if writing/journalism was to be my career.

“I am having a love affair with writing.”

I had the option to take a placement year after my second year of uni, and so I decided that I required a journalistic placement. Not being a journalism student, managing to get these elusive newspaper/magazine experience opportunities are somewhat tricky to come by.

Many newspapers in London require a journalism, English or media degree as standard- not a good start for me. However, after many hours sending personalised emails, much research and even more googling, I actually found my current placement after tweeting my local newspaper.

“Having my blog allowed me to showcase my writing abilities.”

Having my blog allowed me to showcase my writing abilities, and so once they’d seen the link and saw my passion and determination demonstrated my CV, I got a reply, saying that would be fine, and I could go and work with them. That was a good day.

So, three and a half months later, and I am happy to call myself a junior journalist, a Bedfordshire on Sunday reporter. And I’ve done so many things in such a short amount of time. My confidence and abilities have gone from strength to strength, and I’ve never learnt so much from one occasion in my life!

I’m doing phone interviews, going to events for free with my press tickets, weekly vox-pops, and I’ve even wangled myself my own fashion column! I can’t even express how beneficial this experience has been, and will be for the next six months.

Just proves that you don’t have to necessarily study journalism to get into this tough industry.


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