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‘Brightn’ Magazine soon to be released.

I for one am a fan of local magazines. I think it creates a different experience from reading a national magazine as your interests are more about reading things that may or could affect you. It’s also about news ‘close to home’ which can sometimes bring more relevance to the news.

There are a few local magazines in Brighton and Sussex which can be picked up at local businesses or whilst you are in town.

Brightn Magazine is a brand new magazine that is being launched currently, to help local businesses and display current news.

The business-focused magazine is different, because unlike having to go out and find it, it will land on the doorstop of 200,000 Brighton residents.  Within the magazine, will be event reviews, promotion of articles and features of the local town. The editor states that by delivering it door-to-do, it secures a higher level of readership.

The small A5 magazine will be released before Christmas. The managing director says:

“We genuinely believe BRIGHTN magazine is unlike anything out there; excellently researched to produce an adventurous juxtaposition of the business directory and culture magazine, and we promise it will be an aid to local businesses in these stringent times.”

Take a look at their website:

Follow them on Twitter: @brightnm

Like their Facebook: Brightn Magazine

So make sure you look out for the new magazine coming to your doors in Brighton soon – and you may even see my name in there 🙂


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