The Exclusives

“Would you go on The Exclusives?”

When I first started this blog properly with frequent posts, it was around the time that The Exclusives was running on ITV2. I loved writing reviews every week, had my pen and paper making notes when I was watching it. But my ‘The Exclusives’ category has been a bit neglected, having not had any posts in there since it finished.

The other day, one of my friends said to me ‘Would you go on The Exclusives?’ It look me a while to think if I would or not, and I’m still not sure. So I thought it would be worth a post…

YES – the finalists have had success after it.

Journalism is always about getting your name out there – a lot of people like the idea of being journalists but when it comes down to the nitty gritty – are they actually good at it? What the show did for the finalists, was showcase their talents. It demonstrated six people who were passionate about a career and chosen out of thousands, and enabled them to be chucked into the deep end and see how they could handle it. Because it was on TV, amongst many other journalists judging it, they were able to see their good points, bad points and stresses. BUT – because of all this attention from the media and the programme, they have got themselves noticed, got their name out there, and ultimately got jobs out of it. Well, the last four finalists anyway. Ellie, the winner of the show (my interview with her is here), is now a trainee journalist at one of the biggest magazine publishers in England, working on Heat, Closer and More!

Through sufficient twitter stalkering, Hayley is setting up her own website. Her tweets about going to fancy parties and having busy days are shown to all her followers, and now we’re just patiently waiting to see it. She had a dream of being a celeb interviewer (especially to Cheryl Cole) and I can imagine that’s everything that the website will be about – celebs. The truth is, would she have had the chance, skills and opportunity to do this without the show? Probably not.

Stu Roberts. Now a while after the show I saw that he had begun writing for a website, as they were proudly presenting their new addition to their team. After Linkedin stalking (see my post here), it says he is a freelance writer for Hardink, but has been for a while. Although his twitter bio says he’s the ITV2 vet and occasional writer?!

And finally, Felix. After his rise to the top in the last couple of weeks, having won a lot of the tasks and improving his skills, he is now working for FHM. This does need to be confirmed, although it comes from his Twitter bio ‘@fhm worker’. I’m guessing it’s true… and I’m pretty sure it’s the show that helped him get there.

So it helps you get a job in journalism which is of course is hard to find but it leads you on the right track.

YES – you can learn first hand experiences and new skills

Even watching the show, it was evident how much they were learning. On many of the tasks, even the judges would say it was a hard one and they were being chucked in at the deep end but they wanted to see how they dealt with it. They learnt about subbing and design, writing, planning, photo-shoots, as well as bringing it all together to make their own magazine, in the final episode. Having learnt a lot myself by being the other side of the TV screen, I can imagine everything they were learning was invaluable. They got help with their writing, were told by professionals where they were going wrong and what they were doing well. They had mentors throughout the whole show who would help them, discuss with them what they were doing and guide them in the right direction.

The whole show was like a traineeship/internship where you learn on the job. But they were doing this to the public eye, so got noticed as well as doing it. I think this is a part of the show that would be invaluable.

NO – stress and the stress of TV

This is my big no-no. When I watched Ellie getting stressed when no one was doing the work, when her team were being crap and the deadline was looming, all I kept thinking of was ‘that would be me, that would be me’. I get stressed easily and write a ridiculous amount of to-do lists when I have loads to do so that I can actually keep up. The thing is, in the show they were put under pressure on purpose, to see how they dealt with it.

But the worst thing about it, is that you are not just stressed on your own in an internship where you can go home and try and forget about it, you are stressed on TV where everyone is watching and will probably tweet about it. The thing I don’t think I could deal with is being in the public eye, and the stress of knowing that everything I’m doing and saying is being filmed and I would have a camera in my face all the time. I think the fact of being on TV is just added stress to the competition, and something that would’ve been hard to get used to.

NO – doing things wrong and being known for it

Similar to above, your whole journey is being documented. A lot of people watched and tweeted about the show and had their opinions. I can’t say that I didn’t, as part of my review every week on my blog was opinions about the contestants and the show. I said a lot about Sonny on how I don’t think she tried or really looked like she wanted the job. I’m a bit of a wimp really, when it would come to people judging my performance on social media and being known for stupid things that I have done wrong.

I can be a bit blonde sometimes, and sometimes lack common sense – I’m sure the camera man would’ve had a field day with some of the comments I come out with. But I just think that being in a task and making a wrong decision, would impact people’s view of you as a whole in journalism. If it went wrong, you may be known by future job interviews, about your ridiculous mistakes and decisions.


Would I sacrifice the NO’s to get a chance of a journalism job at Bauer? Probably. Actually, definitely. It was an absolutely amazing opportunity to all six of them that got to the final. The main problem I would have with it would be being on TV for everyone to see, but maybe that was something you got used to!


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