General Journalism / Work Experience

Online Presence.

If you want to become a journalist, then it is great to establish an online presence of your writing, as it is easily searchable for employers.

The first thing employers are likely to do when they get a CV, is check your twitter, and possibly even search your name. By writing for a variety of sites, having a blog, and getting your name out there, it will demonstrate your versatility and determination to succeed.

I have recently begun writing for Yuppee Magazine and at the end of each article, it has my name and a small bio which gives maximum exposure. Funnily enough, it was the bio from Yuppee Mag that found JfJ our contributing writer! Yesterday my article made it to the homepage, and was featured… yay!

‘Why it’s great to be a fresher’ (that article with the crazy dancers!) was an article I wrote about how easy, fun and carefree it is being a fresher, compared to spending nearly 24 hours in the library in final year!



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