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JfJ joins the Youth Media Agency

Part of having a blog is getting noticed – which is why everyone publicizes their blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. That was  one of my intentions when I started this blog – to try and get it noticed and the ‘journey of journalism’ noticed. That’s why I was pretty chuffed when I got an email from the Youth Media Agency saying they had found my blog online and were asking if I wanted to join.


The YMA launched their Directory back in July and now have many sources of Youth Media on board, including bloggers, magazines, radio, YouTube Channels and newspapers. Their idea behind the agency is very simple, Youth Media is a powerful tool for challenging the negative perception of young people in the UK and gives them a voice. They also however understand that it can act as an important pathway to a career in the media and a successful engagement tool for young people. By becoming a member, you get many benefits such as:

  • Your media being showcased in the Directory
  • Signposting creatives to your organisation who are looking for media experience.
  • Being a part of the Youth Media Summit 2012
  • Work in partnership with youth media to provide training
  • Media matching and encouraging relationships between mainstream and youth media.

With so many young aspiring and driven hopefuls wanting to break into the media industry, creating blogs, websites, online magazines, I think it is a great way to showcase the passion that is had for this field and determination to succeed in it. They are currently running a national campaign: #Presschange4youth; regarding fair press for children and young people.

Membership forms are filled out and sent (the stages JfJ is currently at now) before you become a member. They are not only supporting young people in the media sector but provide these campaigns and skills training to encourage young people in the industry.

Follow on Twitter: @YouthMediaA





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