Pre-course preparations.

On my first entry into ‘the life of an NCTJ student’, it must be said that right now, I don’t know what that will be like. What I do know is that there are a lot of preparations that need to be done before I start.

It’s less than a month now until I start my course. Here’s my to-do list for the course:

  • Accept offer
  • Pay deposit
  • Find work experience placement 1
  • Find work experience placement 2
  • PAY for the course
  • Get library card
  • Sign up for additional module
  • Buy books
  • Buy stationary
  • Look at buying train ticket

So, preparations are going pretty well, the last one I got to tick off was ‘buying books’, having annoyingly paid out £65 for the ‘compulsory’ textbooks this morning. I’ve been putting this one off for ages, as each book is £20 and although I tried, ebay wasn’t doing me any favours by giving them cheaper! I opted for Amazon – free delivery – and must admit now that it’s finally done and paid for, I’m quite excited to get them. I keep telling myself that when I receive my shorthand book, I’ll start reading it and teaching myself a bit before the course starts seeing as it is meant to be VERY time-consuming. But if that happens, who knows!

Finding a work experience placement over Christmas is proving to be very difficult at the moment. It’s hard enough finding placements anyway, let alone when the offices are basically closed. Because it’s a fast track course there isn’t much time allocated to doing placements, only one week in October (half term) and over Christmas, the weeks we are meant to have off anyway.

Signing up for my additional module – it’s going to be subbing and design but I haven’t worked out how to sign up yet 🙂

Buy stationary – leaving the best til last. Weird habit, but I’ll feel like I’m at school again when you go into WHSmiths and buy loads from the ‘Back To School!’ sale…

Train ticket – again this is very much being avoided due to the consequence of it stealing even more money out my bank account…

So already that much poorer, and still 3 weeks to go.


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