Inspiration and Editors

Lowdown on Lucie.

Another editor who turns us green with envy – Lucie Cave, editor of Heat magazine.

I think Lucie is an example of someone who worked hard to get into journalism, but was familiar with the whole ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know‘ scenario.

When she was younger, she apparently wanted to be a fashion designer, but went on to study English at Sheffield, where she was the editor of her university newspaper. In popular advice on how to get into journalism, people are always told to get involved with as much writing as possible, including working on your ‘uni newspaper’ called Darts. It just goes to show that someone who did just that has ended up as successful as this. But it’s how she got from the editor of that to the editor of Heat which is what most people want to know.

Lucie told Buzz, Bournemouth:

“I did everything I could to get media experience. I moved toLondon and got a job in kids TV as a runner and managed to wangle a gig as a presenter”.

Cave got the job as a TV presenter on the youth channel ‘Trouble’ where she managed to learn about interviewing techniques, being in contact with the media, chatting with celebs and working on her skills as a journalist. It just shows how you have to get that one step into the door before you can even think about working full-time as a paid journalist on a magazine. I think it’s about showing passion for the industry, that you are very happy to make 5 cups of tea and photocopy 50 sheet of paper if it means you even have an inkling of a job in this company…

Lucie’s journey to becoming the editor of Heat was very much the same as the TV Channel and shows how contacts can be vital. She called up someone she knew working at Heat, asking for any freelance work. With her luck, she managed to land herself a job on the news desk…

“I ended up working my way up from deputy news editor to editor over about 8 years!”

…is what she told Buzz Bournemouth. What does this show? Well firstly dedication that she was happy to wait eight years to get a shot at what she truely joined the mag for. And also TIME. Time is everything! She was with the magazine for eight years and it was this amount of time that allowed her to progress. Not saying that every mag you work on will promote you to editor after eight years, but staying on at a magazine and showing your willingness to progress is obviously the key.

After going on a mad google search, I’ve found out these facts about Heat’s number one woman:

  • She persuaded James Corden to strip to his pants and pose as David Beckham
  • She has also written books, including Jade Goody’s autobiography
  • She likes on be on TV a bit…
  • David Hasselhoff once sent her flowers after she had interviewed him..

Her advice… (most importantly)

  • Offer to do as much transcribing and tea-making as possible
  • Be keen but never annoying

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