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The web is the way…

Since working on a magazine that is going to be viewed digitally online, as well as peeking at those gorkana job alerts, I’ve become very aware that online journalism is the way forward.

I’ve always liked the idea of print journalism – designing all the pages, sending it off to the printer and then being able to hold a copy in your hands with work that you’ve done. And although this is still the case for many newspapers and magazines out there; the bottom line is, the amount of print copies are reducing and the amount of online resources are shooting up.


There are so many ‘online magazines’ which really are based about many different topics of lifestyle – fashion, money, sport, cooking, culture, music, etc where writers are invited to join voluntarily and write for them to expand their portfolio and experience of writing online. I always used to think that online journalism wouldn’t excite me as much as the print version but lately it’s become clear that setting my heart on working on a print magazine is only going to end in disappointment.

Setting up these online magazines does not only require your writing skills, but, as I wrote in my last post, a LOT of technological knowledge about building a website, driving traffic and making it look presentable and professional. The thing that links to all this is the idea of blogs. There are so many young people now who are building blogs to demonstrate their passion and hopefully the way forward in their career. These blogs are to do with journalism, a lot in fashion and beauty and also art. I started this blog as a way of letting others know the pathways you can take to get into journalism, and hear about others experiences. But latel, after seeing so many blogs, I’ve wondered if it is something I could expand. There are many online websites that have started out as blogs and become popular with a lot of views, so have managed to get more writers and advertising in order to create their blog into something bigger. But it is hard putting a lot of effort into something on your own, especially in a field of journalism, when you don’t know if all those internships/work experience will be a better choice.

I don’t know if a blog like this would benefit from expanding, as maybe the topic of journalism itself is too narrow. Although I do have interview lined up for my blog so who knows, maybe this could be the future online journalism resource…?


  1. Interviews
  2. PDF files of what NOT to do and advice
  3. Job alerts
  4. other wannabe journalists to contribute

Aim high and all that… one day!


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