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When reviewing The Exclusives every week, I made it apparent that being a journalist is definitely not  just about the writing. In fact, that’s only one part of the whole process. Of course, it’s an important part, but it’s not the only skill you’re going to need. This week working at GolfPunk, has made this visibly clear. Working in an office for a magazine, I can see everything else that needs to be completed within the general scope of this industry.

Part of the reason for these new skills, is due to the increase in technology which, although we all love it, is increasingly producing more tasks for industries such as journalism. Here are three things I’ve noted in the office that you really need to know and begin to understand if you want to become a journalist…

  1. Social Networking – a pretty obvious one I would suspect. Many companies are now judged on their ability to social network, how many followers or ‘likes’ they have on their page, how much they are updating it, if their new content is reachable. It’s not as easy as updating your twitter when you want like you do with a personal account, it’s about always making it active. Social network scheduling tools are even set up for bigger companies to allow tweets and Facebook statuses to go up at scheduled times. There’s instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest…. it’s quite a big job to do alongside all your other tasks!
  2. Marketing and PR – although in bigger companies there may be a specialised team for this, PR has been really important at the GolfPunk towers this week. Due to the relaunch, it is important to send out a press release to larger media companies to make them aware of the magazine. Who should you send it to? What should the press release say? How can you reach a larger audience? Obviously social networking is one way of marketing content for a magazine but public relations is a way to get it out to those that want to hear about it. It’s about business too. Following directly on from this is…
  3. Being a techno-geek – although I think maybe in this day and age, being a techno-geek may be required in a lot of fields. Websites are important now, to go with any print or digital editions of magazines, how do you do it? How can you get the logo THERE? How do you add a picture to that bit? It’s all about the technological stuff. How can you set up a mail server to send out to 1000 emails at a time? (Mailchimp if you’re wondering). How do you important all your email address on there? How can you set up emails in the office with everyone under the same domain? Technological skills will ALWAYS being a positive when working in this industry, along with knowledge of CMS, SEO, and I’m sure many other acronyms.

Now, back to work I go. I’ll update more when I can!


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