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The ever-committed-journalist.

Although I’m still currently in Turkey, trying desperately not to get burnt so I can show off my tan when I get back, as ever I am thinking of the dawning reality that will hit me when I get back tomorrow night.

That is, I am now a graduate. Not just a graduate, but one with a full time summer job to go back to, as well as preparing for my course in September.

Being away on holiday hasn’t stopped by mind racing with things to blog about; more precisely, it hasn’t stopped my constant connection with the world of journalism. Since being here, I have had several new followers on twitter, two which have been online/digital magazines which have caught my eye. The first one being YUPPEE magazine (@YuppeeMag), an online magazine written by those who wish to gain experience in writing. It is a lifestyle magazine with sections in music, culture, sport, travel and fashion.

There is a section on their website ‘write for us’, which aside from the fact I’m on holiday and meant to be relaxing, I emailed. Getting a prompt reply I was given a guide about the website and what they want their writers to do. Writers should submit 1-2 articles a week on their chosen topic; before this however they need to submit an article for consideration to see their own writing style. This is on my to-do list of things to do when I get home!

The second one is called FLUSH magazine, a digital magazine, read only on the iPad. It is an app you can download from Newsstand on Apple which shows it is more recognized. The basis of the magazine is on fashion, and you can follow them on twitter @tweetthefashion. Only problem is, I can’t actually read it as I am yet to purchase an iPad!! I’ve looked through their media pack which has sample articles. It interests me because the magazine I am working for at the moment, GolfPunk, is heading towards that direction too – a digital magazine app. If I’m honest I think that in ten years time, the majority if not all magazines will be read this way. Which means we will all be using our iPads…!!

Being the committed journalist I am, I tweeted them asking if they were looking for any contributors to which they promptly replied, giving me an email address to reply to.

Second thing on my to-do list!

On holiday in Turkey and tapping away on my Dad’s laptop just to blog about the journalist-related-happenings of my week – I think I’d be a pretty committed worker when I finally get a job in it 🙂

Now back to tanning and making the most of my final full day on holiday!



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