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The silent journalist.

Being very aware that I hadn’t done a blog in a while, I’ve taken time out of my tedious unpacking/repacking to update on the past, very busy two weeks. So yes, I have been the silent journalist but one who still has a lot to say!

Two things:

  1. I’ve graduated!
  2. I’ve had been to The Open as part of my summer work for GolfPunk magazine.

Firstly, GolfPunk. Usually I am one to grab my laptop and begin typing away as soon as I get any exciting journalism news – signing up to the NCTJ, getting work experience, applying for work experience, etc. But for this, I have been a bit more reserved because sometimes with good news, you don’t want to jinx it by celebrating too early. Last weekend, I was been up in Lytham St Anne’s with the GolfPunk crew during The Open and their own relaunch party of the magazine…

Quick recap: GolfPunk was launched in 2o04 by Tim Southwell and John Dean. After moving on in 2006, it was passed to new editors but unfortunately ceased in 2009 and the magazine had to be closed down. The original founders however have recently taken up this product for a relaunch – on a digital platform only. It will be an online magazine and app edition, following the way technology seems to be going. 

The most exciting news is, I have actually been a part of this. Not only have I got experience on a magazine, but a paid position being involved in the launch has been a great insight into this industry. The magazine launches next week officially. I started working on the week beginning 9th July, with the intent of working Monday and Tuesdays to be able to fit in my other job – but with all the jobs needing to be done just before the launch, I was asked to work full time here, and happily accepted. My role has included a lot of social networking, admin tasks, assisting the editor in setting up the company emails, youtube account whilst also starting to teach myself about golf. Social networking has been of huge importance whilst launching this magazine, getting the word out that it is back (as MANY are pleased to hear) and to get people talking. On Saturday night, the GolfPunk crew arrived at the mansion that was our house for the week… after a few major set backs (see this article – it was the editor’s car! Seeing as all of the camera equipment, laptops, iPads, clothes had been burnt in the car, the next day involved shopping to get it all back  – not letting anything ruin the launch! The weekend was filled with lots of planning and visiting the golf course for the practice rounds. The party went well, I got to speak to many journalists who, aside from giving me huge encouragement to pursue this career, even taught me a bit of shorthand! Shame I had to leave early 😦

But… I returned back to Lancaster to graduate! It was an amazing day with the sun coming out and a perfect way to finish three years.

Now to keep it short and sweet – I am off to Turkey in the morning (awfully early), ready to have a long week of sun and relaxing.

So my blog posts have been scarce but my continued journey for a job in journalism is still ongoing – hello GolfPunk and goodbye Uni x


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