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Wannabe a Hack?

The most recent application I have sent off for is for Wannabe Hacks. I found it after a friend sent me the link. They are recruiting writers/co-editors for their site. I’m surprised I’ve never actually seen it before but it’s such a useful resource.

Wannabe Hacks in an online journalism resource, written by aspiring journalists themselves, offering copious amounts of advice about how to get into the industry.

It isn’t concrete either; it explores all the different options – those that go to uni, those that don’t, those that get in on work experience, those who do masters, etc. It has five editors, all journalists themselves who give updates daily/weekly about their experiences and what they have learnt. I think it’s great to have one place for young aspiring journalists to go, as everyone is on the same page. The editors post audio, video and written articles about their experiences and ultimately them getting their first jobs in journalism.

There have been many-a-times where I have used the likes of Google for advice on journalism, and read many websites which give me the same standard information:

  1. Apply for work experience
  2. Write for your student newspaper
  3. Don’t give up

These pieces of advice don’t really get you anywhere, if you want to be a journalist then you already know these things – it’s the detail and the personal advice that wannabe hacks gives that makes it so much more worthwhile. They don’t just tell you to write a cover letter… they tell you HOW to make a great cover letter which will stand out and get you noticed.

Also – what is the hardest thing about going into journalism? Finding a job. They have one section of the website devoted to this topic to maximize your success. It’s a great resource that I think should be publicized even more in the world of journalism.

The application was to be one of the five editors of the site. I think it will need a lot of time devoted to it, but it’s also a great opportunity. As part of the application I had to attach my CV, write a brief outline of the role I would fulfill, write a post for the site and write a 500-word idea of expansion for the site. Although looking on twitter, it was clear there have been a lot of other applicants for the role and I’m starting to feel I should have been a bit more extravagant in my application to stand out! Maybe a video would have been better?

Oh well – the positions are filled at the end of July so fingers crossed and I will update then.


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