It’s official. Journalism student.

Together with an awful library card picture (at least it’s for five months and not three years this time), I now have my library card and pass for my course in Sep, eeeekk.

It is all paid in full, with my 10% discount including all the exam and resource fees. The last thing I have to do is pick my optional module between subbing/design; sport journalism or court reporting. I said on my posts on The Exclusives how I always loved watching the designing part, where they turned their articles from a word document into a fresh layout so hopefully I will begin learning it all. Can’t say I’d be that keen on sport journalism either…

September 10th is when I start –  getting a little bit nervous now that I’ve forked out all the money for it. I’m also beginning to dread those early mornings and long days. It’s like a 9-5 job without getting paid each month…

Things left to do:

  • Buy books (reluctantly wanting to pay £80 for them all…)
  • Buy new pens and paper… obviously
  • Buy railcard to and from Brighton for a term – which is going to be a lot at peak times!

Notice how all those points start with ‘buy’? My poor bank account 😦


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