General Journalism / NCTJ

The not-so-educational DM.

Although I am usually looked down on for admitting it, DailyMail (mailonline) is probably 2nd out of my top three websites that I go on as soon as I go on the internet. Some of the articles are so far-fetched that I secretly tut and click back onto ‘TOWIE’ but the main thing I like to read is keeping up to date with the showbiz articles, laughing/cringing at the pictures and not really taking it too seriously. When all the gossip from MiC, TOWIE and the celeb world have been read, I turn to the news and usually end up reading the whole ‘I cut my thumb off and ate it’ – weirdly told real-life stories. It’s when I’ve read all that that I usually turn to the current affairs/politics/what’s going on news stories that everyone is talking about. Although I probably shouldn’t admit it on a journalism blog – reading the NEWS news just doesn’t seem as interesting.

Well, up until about 3 months ago that was definitely my take on ‘reading the news online’. As part of the NCTJ entrance exam, I had to sit a general knowledge test. Asking my dad to ‘tell me things in the news’ wasn’t really satisfactory so I turned to BBC and SKY news, feeling pretty proud of myself when I had downloaded the apps on my iPod and attempted to read them each morning. The bottom line is, they are so much more educational than the Mail Online and I really do need to start reading the news (!!). This has all stemmed from learning what my modules will be next year, two out of the six of them are pretty much based around the news – Current Affairs (NOT the current affairs of TOWIE relationships) and Media and Law. It’s quite clear that my trusted source MailOnline isn’t going to help me in these areas.

So, I’ve tried to make a pact to myself that every time I turn on my laptop and have the automatic urge to go on DM, I will make myself read both the BBC news and SKY first, it does actually help and says the right things and is way more educational than DM. I’m hoping if I manage to do this all Summer, I won’t look like a total idiot in the current affairs module when I have no idea what is ‘currently’ affairing…



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