This is it.

University life is over! Today I will be leaving, having packed up my bag and a huge suitcase to drag on the train/tube and return home. It’s a weird feeling and hasn’t really sunk in yet but I thought I’d update you that…

I got a first in my degree!

Happy just didn’t cover it. It’s so strange that everything is done and dusted now. Revision is over, exams are done and the hard work definitely all paid off in the end. And weirdly I’m feeling ready for the next challenge in September. I’m going to enrol tomorrow, pay for the fees and get my library card so there it will begin! I thought after the dreaded 24/7 in the library I wasn’t going to be ready to start learning something completely new on my course but getting my result has just spurred me on to try and achieve more. Saying that, the NCTJ will be a lot more intense than the 6-contact-hours-a-week I had in my third year of uni…!!


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