The Exclusives

The Exclusives – final!

So it is all finally over after 7 weeks, and Ellie got the job! The rookies finished in the order I hoped and expected, and the winner was well deserved.

This week they all had to make a mini-magazine of 8 pages, it seemed quite an ambitious task but showed they could use all the skills they had learnt throughout the process. Also, because they were doing it on their own, they weren’t able to lean on other people to help them win and it was all down to themselves as individuals. It was for More! magazine and they were all assigned their own individual mentor. So they had three days to produce their own magazine with interviews, photoshoots and design and layout. A very big task I thought.

1. Stuart – mentor: Hannah

Stuart was the one person whose stress got the better of him. Although we might think that would be Ellie, I think his worry cause his ‘mind to go blank’ and he didn’t quite know what he was doing, even when it got to the photoshoot. They were all assigned celebs to interview but throughout the episode he did seem a bit behind the others, not wanting to use the phone, not having a clear theme and idea, etc. I think Jeff realized himself that there was no clear theme, but he finally managed to whittle it down to ‘body image’.

Stuart, over the past couple of weeks, has boasted about his apparently good skill at photoshoots and yet in this week’s episode he didn’t excel. He had no props, no accessories or clothes choices. Jeff had to wear his own jeans and it looked very plain with his homemade signs. Luckily for him, in the end it did look professional and I think the emotion from the interview showed his skills more than the photoshoot.

Vox-popping, just is not his thing. He didn’t want to talk to anyone, not even on the FINAL of this show, he just didn’t put himself out there at all. He needs to gain confidence and this probably should have grown throughout the eight weeks of the show but apparently not. Calling it a ‘nightmare’ isn’t the best thing to say on the final.

2. Felix – mentor: Abbie

Felix, throughout the episode, showed how much he has increased in confidence and skill throughout the series. He was chilled with his celebs, and managed to ask the right questions. He acted quickly, he wasn’t behind and he produced a very good mini mag. Although he did have a mid-change of theme and told his celebs the wrong thing, once he had a conversation with his mentor it began to all fall into place. The tension with Ellie after they both realized their theme was careers was just a bit awkward…

He always seems to bring the good ideas out of the bag though and the ‘CV doctors’ I think were a great idea. He worked well in the photoshoot and managed to direct and yet still have fun, making friends in the end! It seemed to be that there was more work and emphasis on the theme and photoshoot rather than his actual article which may have let him down a bit. I do think he puts a lot of effort into his tasks though and isn’t one to sit back and not do the dirty work.

3. Ellie – mentor: Dan

All they ever have to say about Ellie that is bad, is that she gets stressed. But I think that’s pretty good seeing as nearly every task she has performed well. It was inevitable that this week, she would get stressed again as it was her last attempt to show the judges why she should get the traineeship. I thought at the beginning she seemed quite calm, she met her celeb straight away, sent the questions in advance, had a play around with the fashion wardrobe.. etc. It wasn’t until the actual fashion shoot that the stress began to sink in and she realized she had too many outfits and had set her sights too high. I think things like that are needed to help her learn for the future though, as she managed to turn it around well, mixing her theme of careers with fashion. Her interview was organized, and as the celeb said she got straight to the point and got all the answers she needed for her article.

Her passion was also shown through her confidence and determination in the vox popping, even waiting three hours to get one quote from Tinchy Stryder!

And then for the designing..

I really do love this bit of the magazine and hope it’s something I’ll learn on my NCTJ in September! I find it so interesting, and it’s where the whole thing comes together. As part of this stage, all rookies had to make up a name for their mini mag, design the layout and complete their task. As usual, Stuart did not take the advice from his mentor, it was so tense at the end but they all looked very impressive.

One last attempt…

…to get their traineeship. An interview with the judges on why they should be the one to win. Stuart seemed pretty relaxed and Ellie made it clear how much she really wanted it.

And the winner is…

ELLIE! I think after the episode this wasn’t a surprise. Although Felix has proved to grow throughout the series, I think Ellie won because of her continuous success in all the tasks and never failing to perform. Stuarts lack of confidence and sometimes arrogant behaviour left him to leave third. Although, he is now a blogger for! I can image Felix will be able to find a job in no time 🙂

Well done Ellie!


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