Work Experience

Follow-up nag.

When applying for work experience, everyone is always advised to follow-up their first email with one several days later by either phone call or email. This is what I’ve just done with Closer magazine, but seeing as I couldn’t find a number to call, I decided to email.

Is it me or does it just seem really nag-ish?! So four or five days ago I’ve emailed her to say I would really like work experience, and I am very aware at the amount of applications that she receives, and yet we are told to email to basically say ‘well I haven’t got a reply so are you going to give me some work experience or not?!’

That’s completely NOT what I intended my follow-up email to mean so I hope it doesn’t come across that way! I’m hoping it just shows my determination in actually really wanting work experience at their magazine, so much so that I have written in my diary on today’s date ’email follow-up to closer!’

Let’s see if it does any good….

finger’s crossed…


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