The Exclusives

The Exclusives – week 6.

Penultimate episode this week and I think the nerves were starting to kick in! There were quite a lot of tasks for them to do this week…

This week they were set tasks on the magazine Empire, a film magazine for movie journalists. I guess this isn’t something that would appeal to me too much but the task was made a lot more interesting by being able to attend a film premiere of The Hunger Games, I’ve seen the film and I loved it!


Simply put, to write a set of questions for the hunger games to ask the celebs at the red carpet. They would be put in the deep end here alongside many other experienced journalists who have been doing it for years, and straight away faced with the stars of the movie. When tasks like this come along, I always think that it must be crucial to make your questions unique and not the same old ‘what’s your favourite part of the film’, ‘was it great to work with the people you did?’ ‘what did you find most challenging’. Because obviously it’s great to ask a couple of those questions as the readers do like to know the basics but in order to make their interview more eye-catching, especially when it’s a task where they are able to win. And who won? Ellie and Felix. I wasn’t surprised by Ellie, she has continuously impressed the judges, always carried out the task well and never really let them down. Felix is a sly horse recently, winning when you don’t expect him too. You could see Stuart turn green with jealousy when he didn’t win but he needs to learn to stop being so bitter! Just because he is the oldest doesn’t mean he is the best… at all.

So at the film premiere, it really showed us how hard it is for journalists to get the interviews they need. I mean going to a film premiere and coming back with interviews from those celebs who don’t stare in the films must be pretty embarrassing. They also have such short time with the celebs, a minute or two to ask them a question before they start walking off onto the next journalist and photographer so it shows you have to be quick, confident and grab the moment when you can. After a couple of flops with the wrong celebs such as Mel B, both Felix and Ellie both managed to get short interviews with the main stars of the film, (even Liam Hemsworth who is hot). Ellie asked the right questions, and Felix managed to grab the stars attention over the other journalists. I think the Empire journalist working alongside them was happy with their efforts, no matter how daunting it may have been.


Well, I wasn’t quite sure if this was a task for them or help for the magazine, where they got to run around for a photoshoot and learn survival skills. It looked fun and not stressful, and they all gave it everything, including Hayley who had her fake nails on!


This was very much based around the Cockney vs. Zombies (yes I got the title correct unlike Felix and Stuart). Their article included the rules of comedy horror, giving interviews and doing a ‘team’ (or not so) photoshoot for their article. They had to decide the setting, do the make up and position them for the photo. This formed the basis of their article that was presented to the judges at the end of the show. It wasn’t the most interesting of tasks to watch, but yet again Stuart and Felix were biting at each other, more Stuart though I must admit.


My favourite of the episode and managed to pick up the humour. They had to interview Keith Lemon for only 15 minutes each. Hayley might have had one up on the others as she had interviewed him for last week’s episode and managed to bag the interview herself. Keith was very much leading them astray, going off the topic, asking them questions and being quite annoying for a journalist who wants to get an interview done in a short amount of time! I personally think he was told to do this to see how the rookies coped when having to get an interview done. Ellie was great, she seemed engaged in the conversation but as the mentors said, I think Hayley let herself down here by looking as though she wasn’t even listening to the answers he was giving and was determined to get all her questions asked. Poor Felix I think struggled a bit at the beginning but managed to power through at the end!

Near the end of the show, they all spoke to Dan Jude who works for FHM. I liked the quote he said that “A good journalist is someone that sees things that others don’t.” It was here that we were really able to see how much the rookies wanted that dream job, where the girls cried and the boys as usual, seemed more relaxed but at the end of it all they were all talking about their passion for this job.

and finally…

I cannot believe that Hayley was sent home! She has always performed to a high ability, and last week was the one that outshone them all by getting two celeb interviews for the task all by herself. She has the confidence, is always trying her hardest and is great with the celebrities too. If it was up to me, as I said on my last review it should have been Stuart! He doesn’t have the best attitude and I don’t think he tries to work well in a team as he always wants to be the best. Ellie should definitely have stayed. But, if I had to choose out of Hayley and Felix I think I would sent Felix home. He has recently performed well but it hasn’t been as continuous as Hayley and also, Bauer Media is a lot about the celeb magazines. You can tell he wants to be a journalist but he is really that comfortable with celebs? I don’t think he is, and that’s what the job is all about. Hayley is a great candidate for these sorts of magazines. I think Felix would do better off having a traineeship at The Times or The Guardian! So yes, pretty annoyed Hayley went as I think many other people were shown on twitter!

Bye Hayley 😦



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