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Money, Money, Money.

I have finally received my enrolment pack for the NCTJ and aside from the fact that the tuition fees have gone up to more than I expected, I also have an essential book list which will be needed to be purchased by the first day at college (10th September). I must admit that I was excited opening all the forms and filling it out, it’s strange to think after finishing education after three years at university I’m putting myself back in it all in September.

So admittedly, there was a bit of a panic on my part about how much this is actually going to cost, it’s not just the tuition fees, but the registration fee, exam fee and resource fee, as well as book fees and stationary fees and not forgetting transport fee! Any more fees? I hope not! But as anyone would say this is an investment into my future, so lets hope this ‘future’ isn’t that far away.

Having looked at the essential reading list I do think they will be helpful even though spending £20 on each book isn’t the best way I’d like to spend my newly earned wages. But they seem to cover roughly a module each, and I’m thinking the teeline shorthand textbook is going to come in very handy when I have to start learning this new way of writing with 100 words per minute! With my sneaky yet desperate attempts to search for all books on ebay and amazon, I seemed to have no luck. Either everyone else is doing that too and got in just before me, or the ebay people decide to put the books up for the same price or even more than shops such as waterstones… not good. I’ve also tried the not-so-lucky escape of looking at older versions of the books that are selling for 9p (bargain) but as the book list states, they need the 21st edition and I don’t want to be the student who has old tatty books whilst everyone else has brand spanking new ones, what a way to make friends!

Other things included in my enrolment pack: Work experience information – we need to complete two separate weeks of work experience, one in October and one in the Christmas holidays. Luckily I already have my October one sorted at SO magazine but I’m thinking getting one in the xmas holidays (21st Dec-4th Jan) is going to be a bit more tricky as it falls right over Christmas, NYE and New Years Day. In the pack it said people have previously got work experience at magazines like Closer and Take a break, as well as the big newspapers so I am going to try and find a bigger London based work experience for Christmas, if anyone will take me on. Other things included? A map.

So aside from my slight panic about finances, I am yet again getting excited about starting in September. Enrolment is between July 2nd – July 6th. I’ll have to pay for the course then so I’ll keep you posted about how it all goes.

Lots of saving in the piggy bank needed!


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