The Exclusives

The Exclusives – week 5.

Better late than never, hey? I have been working lots, trying to earn lots of money but have finally got around to watching this week’s episode. I’ve realized that after every episode part of me panics a bit about what they are asked to do and if I would be able to do it myself. I think I would put myself under a lot of pressure when set tasks like they are, but I guess when being given the opportunity like they have there is no time to waste.

Heat magazine this week – a huge magazine which is inundated with work experience letters every day (they must have got a fair few from me).


This task, which was featured throughout the whole show was to secure and write an interview of their own. The most difficult thing of this task I think is definitely securing the interview. It’s not easy to ring an agent and get an interview straight away, and it is pursuing an aim and persuading an agent which will get results. Throughout all of the rookies I personally think that they all aimed a bit high, beyonce and madonna… do they have time to do an interview with the rookies? I was doubtful. I think the key to this task was to be convincing, use their powers of persuasion and aim for realistic results and those which would be unique. What surprised me, was when the mentors, half way through, decided to secure them their interviews making it a whole lot easier to complete the task. Part of me thinks that they initially set the task to see if anyone would shine through by actually finding someone to interview and gave them the experience of what they will have to do if they do land this job. As ever, Hayley shone through and not only through her bold move of asking Amy Childs for a couple of questions, but by not being secured an interview by the mentors and instead finding her own and interviewing Keith Lemon. She always tries so hard, she is so determined, passionate, humorous, she asks good questions and you can tell how much she wants it. Who didnt shine? Sonny, obviously. Her lack of effort, interest or depth is never going to get her anywhere and it continuously annoys me that she has got to this position and never looks like she wants to be there, I can imagine there are a lot of others who feel the same about her. She even took a back seat in her interview with Blue which she was paired up with Ellie to do. Felix made me laugh and I do think he is getting more comfortable and developing his skills throughout the five weeks and Stuart just had a field day trying to interview Jedward but forgetting a dictaphone and notepad? Rookie error. 


This was divided up into Felix and the photoshoot and Heatworld video footage. I was glad Felix won the photoshoot and he really is growing on me. He seems to always think out of the box like the pets idea, and you need to be imaginative to be noticed. I felt sorry for him being the leader of the shoot with Hayley and Stuart to help. It wasn’t so much Hayley, but Stuart was harsh to Felix and barely gave him a chance to talk. He interrupted and made snide comments, which isn’t want team work is about. I personally think he was bitter about not winning the photoshoot task himself. Now Ellie and Sonny were sent off to film a video for with Peter Andre and I was just SO confused. It was fun, weird and not serious like her usual self but Ellie’s idea did baffle me a bit. She dressed up as a sheep and did a yoddling competition? Well at least the mentors liked it I guess!

So with about 10 minutes left of the show I was thinking to myself if Sonny doesn’t go, I’ll be pretty pissed off. In the final feedback session she said ‘I’ve realized now is about showing the passion.’ Now? What about for the past 5 weeks since the show has been aired, what about for the tasks you were just asked to do?

And she did. Good.

What did I learn? I’m not sure if I have said this before but Felix really made me think about it this week that you HAVE to think out of the box. It is not about asking questions like ‘what is your most embarrassing moment’ but about asking ones like ‘what kind of knickers are you wearing’, yes it may be that bit intrusive but we have to ask things that the audience want to know, gossip and inside information! He got Peter Andre in a sumo suit and when I saw the feature spread printed out I thought it looked really good. How does he think of these things? I definitely need to be more imaginative if I want this career….

Next week: Another rookie will leave. I was thinking to myself who I think it might be, as Lucie Cave said at the end of the episode she had no idea who would be going home next week. I think Felix has shone through the past couple of weeks and Hayley has always remained a strong candidate. I also think Ellie, with her degree behind her and attention to detail and timing, is a strong contender. Yes they think that she gets stressed sometimes but doesn’t everyone? So my guess is that Stuart will be the next to go home. Not to say he isn’t a strong contender but I don’t think he is as good as the others!


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