The Exclusives

Exclusive help.

After seeing Lucie Cave’s tweet about getting more information on how to get a job in magazine journalism by going to The Exclusives website, I thought I’d have a look: ( and it’s actually pretty good.

They have a section on how to get yourself noticed, what is expected of you, the five things needed before applying for a magazine job, etc. This link I found really useful:

It’s all about the difference between a normal CV for an average job, and a media CV. I have adapted my CV after looking at this as a lot of what is says is true, the most important things they want to know will be the journalism work experience you have and therefore that is what should go at the top, unlike listing the schools you went to and the A-levels you got!

There was also a quote from Lucie Cave there, Heat editor, stating what she thought a great media journalist would need:

“Always be thinking ‘what’s the unique angle?’ on a story. That way you’ll make even the most straightforward review the most interesting piece of copy ever. Have a cheeky sense of humour – be able to ask daring questions in interviews without looking rude or offensive. The ability to charm a celeb into giving you great quotes is what every editor wants from a journalist.”

Enjoy. x


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