The Exclusives

The Exclusives – week 3.


So this week I unfortunately missed the episode on Thursday and refused to read any internet stories about the show so that it didn’t spoil it for me. ITV player thankfully saved the day as I managed to catch up with this week’s episode and I’ve definitely got a lot to say about it.

The first thing that got to me was at the beginning of the show when they were all sat down and told that one of them was going home, where they all began to say how shocked they were and that it really puts the pressure on. The whole idea of the show is that only one person can win and surely the second they began filming the pressure was on… only one can win right? Apparently this wasn’t on their mind the past two weeks. Having said that, I do think that everyone stepped up this week. There weren’t people, as in previous weeks, that seemed to moan and not put much effort in. I really do think it made them work harder, although they should have been like that from the start. There was more stress, pressure, deadlines and the daunting idea that they might not be there any longer.

The first task:

was really interesting, I love the idea from Closer magazine about the ‘concept photoshoot’ and think it really gives the opportunity to be creative, and show how imaginative you can be. The wills and kate photo was a great picture I think – it is current, everyone is still in love with the royal couple and of course it was the only one not in black and white. I really did agree that the styling was the worst, which was partly down to Christopher. I didn’t think it looked flattering and don’t think they paid enough attention to the picture that they were modelling this on. Set was amazing and a really good find, but that ‘wedding’ dress – just no.

Hayley: again I loved her, her reaction to the fact that she would be meeting Chantelle and Alex, her seriousness in telling the other rookies ‘no questions about their past relationships’, her confidence with the photographer on directing the shoot. She knows what she wants and she’s always willing to try to get it. She’s friendly, sometimes a bit over the top, but all in all I reckon that’s the attitude you need when you’re a journalist. Maybe I am wrong, seeing as the feedback at the beginning of the show from the mentors didn’t seem to like her fun but flirty attitude.


When I was watching I was trying to think which part I would rather do, and after seeing the interviews I reckon it’d be interviewing Holly (NOT ‘Hollie’) and Phillip. Jodie Marsh wasn’t friendly, shown evidently in her reaction to Felix’s question ‘what does it mean to be a body builder?‘ replying with ‘exactly what is says, building your body.’ I wouldn’t be impressed or happy with the sarcasm, but I guess you’ve got to deal with whatever personalities you’re faced with. Yes, I agree that Felix wasn’t the best interviewer, with his slight interruptions, lack of research and vague questions, but I don’t think she helped at all. Ellie was great at this task, she made it emotional and raw, building on something more than just a story. You can tell she has had journalistic training through her degree and knows what she wants to write about: ‘what I want to do is…’ She is still one of my favourites to win (no matter how stressed she seems to get). AND FELIX DID NOT MEET THE DEADLINE! Possibly the biggest error to be made, and it wasn’t even one or two minutes late, but thirty! Journalism is all about deadlines and within the third week he has missed his. At that point I was sure he was the one to be going home first.

In comparison to the sarcasm of Jodie Marsh, Holly and Phillip were so friendly and chatty. They didn’t treat the rookies like amateurs but I think gave an interview like they would to anyone else, without being the first to pick holes. I would love to interview Holly, although maybe the fact of having two of them there might have made it harder to focus their article on a specific topic. I do think though, that they could’ve asked more imaginative questions rather than the standard ‘what is your most embarrassing moment?

The first rookie to be sent home is…

Chris. I was shocked at first as I don’t think Felix was up to scratch this week. Although he did try hard, he missed his deadline and had an awkwardly cringe and unplanned interview with Jodie Marsh. But after hearing their reasons for firing Chris, I think I do agree with what they were saying. It’s not an industry to be cocky in and shown by his reaction after getting fired, he was exactly that.

I didn’t expect that at all.”  Rather than “Thanks for the opportunity.”

The most ironic part was at the end when he says he would prefer to be a news journalist anyway; so why apply for this?! Bauer Media is magazines and not newspapers, so clearly his heart wasn’t in the right industry when he applied.

Lessons learned:

I realised after this episode, that watching this series is really giving me a huge insight into this industry. I have seen a lot of this through the work experience I have completed but The Exclusives seems to give just that bit more. After each episode I have learnt something, things to do and what not to do. So I’m going to start including these on my blog reviews. This week it’s all about the fact that journalism is not JUST about writing. Yes of course the majority and final result of journalism is going to be the production of an article, but there is so much more than just writing that goes into it. This week showed that it involves the directing of shoots, what lighting to choose, how to find props and bargain the price, ideas and imagination, practicalities of getting a horse carriage up the stairs, sewing, making a fake wedding dress and lots and lots of research is needed before an interview. It is an all around job, where writing is only the last hurdle. Still doesn’t put me off. 

Next week:

The rookies seem to be feeling the pressure even more, and so they should really. They’re getting the heads down and I’m excited to see what comes next.


Lol at Alex Reid’s shiny pants.

See ya later, Chris.


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