Work Experience

The bad and the good…

In the past couple of days I have had good and bad news.

The bad: style-passport did not work out. I travelled up to north London to visit their offices – all very exciting as a fashion shoot was going on the time I got there. Unfortunately they were looking for an intern and were not able to offer me a week’s work experience as part of my NCTJ. The intern position did sound quite exciting but at the moment it isn’t something I am able to do as I need to earn money this summer for my course. Hopefully in the future when I am looking for internships, style-passport may be an option.

The good: I got a reply from SO magazine. I wrote a blog quite a few weeks ago about applying for work experience there and the editor got back to me. She explained that they do get a lot of applications for work experience but because of my obvious determination and passion for a career in journalism she was happy to offer me work experience for the week I requested (October 29th). This will be the half-term in my course where I am allocated a work experience slot. Yipee. I’m glad it is all sorted now and having looked further into the company ‘one media‘ which publishes this magazine, it all looks very exciting. It is based in Tunbridge Wells which is where I drove for my work experience at Bliss so getting there won’t be a problem.

SO magazine is based in Tunbridge Wells but has magazines in Surrey, Brighton and Hove and Essex too:

One Media is the company that publishes this, and many other magazines:

All very exciting!

Soon to come – my opinion on this week’s The Exclusives.


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